Motorcycle rider explains high-speed chase

The man who led police on a 50 mile motorcycle chase in 20 minutes along the Northway was released from jail after three weeks and News10 got the exclusive interview.

“All I want to do is go fast,” said Nikkolaus McCarthy.

He will be walking everywhere this summer; he lost his license for a year, after leading police on a high speed motorcycle chase on the Northway back on May 3rd. 

“I was just going for a ride, I had a bad day, I just wanted to take a cruise and I just started going fast,” said McCarthy.

According to police McCarthy was going upwards of 170 miles an hour, but the speedometer was the last thing on his mind.

“At that speed you don't even look at your gages, you don't look at anything, it's just a distraction you just look two or three hundred feet ahead and you have a half a second to react to do what you need to do,” said McCarthy.

The chase covered 50 miles in 20 minutes, starting at Ravena and ending at New Paltz. McCarthy said it took several miles before he even realized he was being pursued.

“When I started coming down and seeing that cops were blocking the exit ramps I thought that's probably for me at that point,” said McCarthy.

He knew his bike could outrun the squad cars, there was only one issue, the gas tank was almost empty. 

“Once I realized all the exits were blocked, my gas light was on, the next exit was 22 miles away, I thought I might as well pull over,” said McCarthy.

Besides spending more than 20 days in jail, McCarthy was hit with every charge possible. 

McCarthy said he's not a dangerous person, he just wants to do what he loves. He even has aspirations to go pro, he just needs the chance.


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