Bennington teen accused of stealing drugs

DORSET, VT – On Thursday the Vermont State Police were contacted in reference to a theft complaint on Kirby Hollow Road in Dorset.  The victim, Foster Colvin, 53, called to report that several of his prescription pain medications were taken from the house and he believed that Dylan J. Mone, 19, of Bennington was responsible. Colvin had the prescription medication to cope with cancer treatments that he had been undergoing.

Through the investigation it was discovered that Colvin's granddaughter was coerced to reveal the location of the medication through verbal threats of violence towards Colvin. After numerous threats were made, Colvin's granddaughter reluctantly gave up the location of the medication in order to keep herself and her grandfather safe.

On Wedneday Mone entered the residence and allegedly removed three bottles of prescription pain medication from the home. 

Mone, who is on probation for three previous felony convictions, was later arrested by the VT State Police.  Mone is currently being charged with Burglary, Financial Exploitation of a Vulnerable adult, Possession of a Controlled/Regulated drug and as a Habitual Offender.

Mone's probation was also revoked due to these new charges and for also testing positive for having illegal drugs in his system.

Mone was held on $25,000 bail on the new criminal charges and was held without bail on the probation violation.  Mone is due in court on Monday May 21st 2012 at 12:30 P.M.

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