Top 5 Things to See Before You Start Your Day: April 28

1. George Zimmerman website raises over $200K for his defense, attorney unaware. The man accused of murdering a 17-year-old teenager in Florida raised the money on his website. Although his family said they'd have trouble coming up with his bond.


2. WATCH: 6-year-old child with autism is music prodigy, YouTube sensation. The young boy playing Billy Joel songs have become viral.


3. WATCH: ‘World's Worst Boyfriend' explains his prank.  A man is being called the ‘world's worst boyfriend' after he posted a YouTube video of himself pretending to rob his girlfriend's apartment.


4. Dean at UPenn fakes doctoral degree. The vice dean of the graduate school of education at UPenn resigns from his position after the university found out he never received a doctoral degree he claimed to have.


5. Who watches you on Facebook? It's not just your friends who are following what you do online. Find out who else is looking at your page.





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