Bomb squad removes tank shells from Ravena home

RAVENA, N.Y. – A potentially explosive situation at an old home in Ravena.

Coeymans Police and the New York State Police Bomb Squad removed live tank shells from a Ravena home on Thursday afternoon.

Police say the home owner Sean Riley, of 6 VanBuren Avenue, found eight live 20mm tank shells from the 1950's in his home's basement.

Police believe it is likely a veteran who may have lived in the home at one point in time owned the shells and they were forgotten. Riley, the current home owner, only discovered them now when attempting to install a cable line for his television.

Riley initially called the television show “Son of Guns” to inquire about the value of the tank shells. He was told by show personnel not to touch them and to contact police immediately.

Coeymans Police and the NYSP Bomb squad personnel responded to the home and removed the shells without incident. Police say there was no need to evacuate any neighbors or nearby homes.

No one is facing any charges, as police say they don't believe Riley had anything to do with the shells arriving in the home.

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