Saratoga man indicted on terroristic threat charges

SARATOGA, NY – The Saratoga Springs man accused of making terroristic threats against the U.S. President and a local elementary school was indicted on Thursday.

Brent Dickinson, 33, allegedly made threats on March 2 through messages sent to the White House.

Dickinson allegedly made murder threats against the President of the United States and threatened an unspecified elementary school and threatened to take children hostage in a school and kill them.

Dickinson is charged with Making a Terroristic Threat, a Class D Felony. He will be arraigned in Saratoga County Court later in March or early in April. He faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison on the state charge and additional time on the federal charge, which could run consecutively.

Dickinson claims the case is being blown out of proportion. However District Attorney Jim Murphy says this case is being taken very seriously.

“Parents put their kids on the bus expecting their children to be safe. That's what the schools are doing. That's our job to also make sure that occurs,” Murphy says.

Specific information isn't being revealed because it will be used as evidence. Murphy says it's important that this case sends a message.

Officials say Dickinson is currently under a psychiatric evaluation ordered by the court. The results will determine if he's capable of participating in his own defense and understands the nature of the charges against him.

Dickinson will be back in court on Monday at 9:00 a.m. He faces up to seven years in state prison if convicted. 

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