VT pawn shop searched

BENNINGTON, VT – Vermont police searched two locations on Thursday for connections to home break-ins. The recent break-ins involve high-end jewelry being stolen.

Officers from the Cambridge-Greenwich Police, Vermont State Police, Bennington Police Department, and Winhall Police Department in Vermont searched Foster's Cannery in Bennington.

Foster's Cannery is a business that buys recyclables such as cardboard, refrigerators, and jewelry. The owner then makes a profit by selling the materials off to a buyer.

Investigators also searched the recycling business owners trailer in a mobile home park. Several bags and jewelry boxes were taken away as possible evidence.

Police sources say they are looking into whether or not there's a connection to jewelry stolen during numerous break-ins in Washington County and across the state line in Bennington.

The owner of Foster's Cannery said he had no clue why police would want to search his business.

Investigators say this has been a tough case to solve because the criminals clean up so well after themselves that the homeowner has no idea anyone was in their homes until they notice their jewelry missing.

At this time there have been no arrests.

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