Questions raised over NY Giants Super Bowl license plate

ALBANY, N.Y. – “Why would a license plate be a problem in the first place,” says Frank Tatum. “That should be a no brainer.”

Frank Tatum says while he is a Giants fan, he agrees the license plate debate should be a non-issue. Tatum lost his mother Diane Parsons on 9/11, she was in the south tower when the plane hit.

“It's the shock of it that never goes away,” he says. “It's kind of like having a broken heart for 10 years.”

Tatum says she doesn't want the memory of the tragedy to disappear. He commemorates his mother in many ways, one of them being a plaque in Stillwater where she lived. Tatum says if license plates are a way for people to remember their loved ones, then there should be no argument.

“Just to see it stuck in committee for years,” says Tatum, shaking his head. “They can move that along for the Giants, but not for the victims and their families, that's just wrong.”

The license plate is already on the NY DMV's websitem unveiled hours after the Giants' Superbowl win.

“It's been five years that we've had a piece of legislation in place to support the heroes and the victims of 9/11, I think that's disrespectful,” says Assemblyman Jim Tedisco.

Tedisco re-introduced a bill this session to create a 9/11 license plate. The Giants' plate was issued despite a 2004 moratorium issued because of a 1st Amendment lawsuit over a “Choose Life” plate.

However, Governor Cuomo says the Giants' plate doesn't violate the moratorium, because it is re-working a 1987 Superbowl plate.

“If you want to re-work it for them, you can re-work it for these heroes,” says Tedisco.

“Football is still a business, it's millionaires doing their job,” adds Tatum. “I think sometimes in this country, people mistake what heroes they worship.”

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