Free Shipping Day

MENANDS, N.Y. – Friday is nationally known as Free Shipping Day. Thousands of retailers are offering deals on shipping in order to get your packages to loved ones by Christmas and all that extra mail makes for a busy day for delivery workers.

The shipping belts are working overtime at the FedEx facility in Menands. They are expecting to process up to 14,000 packages today, and those numbers could increase as we get closer to Christmas.

All hands are on deck to make sure every package arrives on time. Crew members say it is two to three times busier than normal, but teamwork helps them make sure every package gets processed and delivered.

Operations Manager Tony Burczak says, “You never know which one of these packages is the most important one, but for everyone out there, that's the most important package.”

This is the number one reason, FedEx says it will work around the clock until Christmas Eve to make those last minute deliveries.

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