“Wealthy Welfare Mom” gets 2-6 years in prison

COLONIE, N.Y. – The Colonie woman known as the “Wealthy Welfare Mom” was sentenced to 2 to 6 years in prison on Friday.

37-year-old Angela Lopez, whom is now pregnant with her sixth child, pled guilty to one count of Welfare Fraud in the 2nd-degree, a felony, and one count of Grand Larceny 3rd, a felony.

In a story News10 brought you first and has been following since the beginning, Lopez, from Colonie, was found in December 2010 to have ripped off the Department of Social Services of nearly $100,000 when she received welfare while she allegedly brought in a paycheck and disability benefits. Over a period of five years, Lopez received disability, food stamps, and Medicaid assistance for herself, her husband, and their five children. At the same time she worked as a nurse's aide, never reporting that income.

Lopez initially denied the allegations, saying she thought since her husband wasn't working that she fell below the income level.

Back in May, Lopez took a plea deal for her charges, but during a July 8th sentencing hearing Lopez told the court she was changing her mind about the plea deal, and she asked the judge to withdraw her guilty plea, stating in a letter the decision was because she “didn't like her lawyer.”

In addition to time spent in prison, Lopez will have to pay $65,699 in restitution to the Department of Social Services, $29,697 in restitution to the Social Security Administration and $4,769.84 in fees to Albany County Probation.

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