Saratoga Springs Police Chief admits to sexting


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y.–Saratoga Springs Police Chief Chris Cole makes a shocking admission to sexting with an un-married woman, at one point, from his office in city hall.

In a statement to the press, Chief Cole calls his behavior “an error in judgement”.

People in Saratoga Springs are raising their eyebrows over the entire situation.

“What's wrong with these people?” asks Nelson Carpenter.

“He should have left the nonsense home,” adds Jason Halter.

For residents in Saratoga Springs, disbelief best describes their reaction to the chief's admission, some saying the news is ironic, considering Congressman Anthony Weiner's similar confession earlier this week.

“Giving the timing of it and the publicity of another famous case says with a similar type episode,” says Vera Kasson. “I think it shines unfavorably.”

Kasson says what makes the whole situation unsettling is that Chief Cole admits to sexting on the job.

“That's the piece that I feel was inappropriate, that it was on the job,” says Kasson. “He himself admitted that he used poor judgement, so that pretty much says it all.”

However, in Chief Cole's statement, he describes his relationship as between two consenting adults, and says he only sent one explicit photo while in his office, and he was on his lunch break.

“It should be left in his personal life,” says Jason Halter. “Right now they're making a big deal out of it, so it's coming down pretty strong on him.”

Yet some residents are on the fence about what should come next for the Police Chief and his future with the department.

“We expect a little higher level of standards than texting or sexting to people,” says Carpenter.

“If Anthony Weiner isn't resigning, then I don't know why the police chief would resign,” says Kasson. “I don't think we know enough about it yet.”

In his statement to the press, Chief Cole says he came forward with this information so that the Public Safety Commissioner could take the appropriate action.

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