Brian Lutz arrest video released

ALBANY, N.Y. – As seen in this video, off-duty Albany police officer, Brian Lutz, was allowed to have police union representatives at his arrest for DWI.

The video shows the night Lutz had been arrested for DWI, handcuffed to the bench at the Menands police station. Police Officers Union president, Christian Mesley, was present with Lutz as well as another off-duty police officer, Charles Batchelor. Both told him not to take a chemical test due to how intoxicated he was. They told Lutz his blood-alcohol level was at 0.21, high enough for an aggravated DWI, which Lutz “wouldn't want.”

Mesley and Batchelor also told Lutz he wouldn't receive any leniency from current Albany District Attorney David Soares, and that he would have had a better chance at keeping his job if Paul Clyne and Sol Greenberg, prior District Attorneys, would handle his case.

Mesley and Batchelor also talked with Lutz about the possibility of losing his job, but gave him the advice to use his relationship with Albany Deputy Police Chief Stephen Reilly to his advantage. Batchelor also referred to other cases of Albany police officers that have committed crimes, but kept their jobs.

Lutz remains suspended, and his criminal case is pending.

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