$319 million check presentation, meet the area’s newest multi-millionaires

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. – The Mega Millions ticket has been claimed, and soon the $319 million check will be as well.

The New York Lottery will present the winner, or winners, during a check presentation at the lottery headquarters in Schenectady 10:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The winners have been confirmed by News 10 to be:

John Hilton, 57, of North Greenbush
Gabrielle Mahar, 29, of Colonie
John Kutey, 54, of Green Island
Tracy Sussman, 41, of Colonie
Mark Barth, of Bethlehem
Kristin Baldwin, 42, of Clinton Park
Leon Peck, 62, of Johnstown

The seven lucky winners of the $319 million lottery are IT specialists from New York state's Division of Housing and Community Renewal.

The seven would split the $319 million jackpot, taking home $202 million after taxes are deducted. They will each receive $19.1 million.

One winner says she was dumbfounded when she saw the numbers come up.

Word spread quickly among the group. One member figured his phone ringing after hours meant an equipment malfunction at work.

The jackpot was the fifth-largest in the multistate game's history.

News10 will be live at the press conference starting on News10 at Noon. Tune in then to meet the Capital Region's newest multi-millionaires! Watch News10 at Noon Streaming Live Here.

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