Albany county nursing home residents speak out


ALBANY, N.Y.–Residents of the Albany County Nursing Home are speaking out against it's proposed closure, saying if it goes through, those in need will have to go out of state to find a bed.

Some of the residents News 10 talked to Thursday say they are adamant about two things: the Albany County Nursing Home is their home, and they intend on keeping it that way.

There are 250 residents that live at the nursing home, many of whom gathered together to speak out against Albany County Executive Michael Breslin's proposed selling of the nursing home in his 2011 budget.

Breslin says if the county continues to operate the nursing home, taxpayers will have to subsidize it in the amount of $17.7 million.

However, some county legislators say they side with the nursing home residents, and fear what could happen if it closes.

“Right now the elderly in Albany county are being shipped off to out of state…and that's a big terrible burden to put on families that want to go visit their loved ones,” says Gary Domalewicz, an Albany County Legislator.

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