Update to shooting at troy bar

TROY – Three days after a shooting outside a Troy bar, News 10 has learned that the tenants who above it have been evicted. The four people who live at 235 4th Street said the door was bolted closed Friday and they haven't been able to return.

The new owner for the building, Michael Price said, “I should be afforded the proper opportunity to run the place in a good manor.”

According to police, when they responded to that shooting outside the nightclub, witnesses told them the gunman may have gone in.

“Upon going in there, the officers discovered a number of code violations, some indications of drug activity going on, some indications of gang activity going on,” Terry Buchanan, the Public Information for the Troy Police said.

According to the City of Troy, the four tenants had to be evicted from the building for a gas leak and faculty electrical wiring. Tenants are skeptical saying, “to me i don't think it was the truth. i think they were looking for a good reason to shutdown the building because it was a bar.”

Price described it as an over reaction.”I think it was an extreme over reaction because nothing happened inside the bar and there was no reason for them to kick the door in.”

No word on how long repairs will take or when tenants will be allowed back.

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