Suspect in 8-year-old slaying charged with murder

TROY, N.Y. — A suspect in an 8-year-old murder case was charged with murder Thursday.

This comes after two men were exonerated for the crime.

“She was a beautiful girl,” said Robin Nold, Arica Schneider's mother. “She did not deserve this.”

Robin Nold was overcome by emotion after watching her daughter's alleged killer Michael Mosley plead not guilty to charges of first and second degree murder.

Mosley is facing charges in the brutal 2002 slaying of Arica Schneider and her boyfriend Samuel Frost Holley.

Arica's family has not only suffered from her brutal death, but also by missteps made by the former district attorney.

The two men long thought to have killed the couple were recently exonerated.

Those charges unraveled when Michael Mosley of Averill Park was arrested this winter on unrelated charges. His DNA was run through the state's database. It ended up hitting on blood evidence taken from the Schneider-Holley murder scene.

“I was very shocked, but I am not convinced,” Nold said.

Mosley's attorney Terry Kindlon says he plans to attack the DNA evidence head on.

“DNA is presented as something infallible, from the hands of God,” Kindlon said. “DNA is not all it's cracked up to be.”

“DNA doesn't lie,” said District Attorney Rich McNally, who took office well after the bogus charges were made. “I expect a challenge…but the science will prevail.”

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