Gloversville man found stabbed to death, police say


GLOVERSVILLE, N.Y.–A long-time employee of the Gloversville Enlarged School District is a murder victim, found stabbed to death on a front lawn.

42 year old Brian Morrison was found dead on the lawn of a Gloversville home, two miles from where he lived.

Morrison worked for the Gloversville Enlarged School District for 23 years, and is being called a very hard worker, leaving only more questions than answers, surrounding his death.

“You catch your breath, he was a young man, and a family man, and that's devastating in itself,” says Robert Delilli, the superintendent for the district. “Beyond the work ethic and the work he performed, it's certainly a loss for the community.”

Morrison spent more than two decades taking care of the Gloversville school district's grounds, eventually being promoted to head groundskeeper 12 years ago.

Delilli says Morrison was very well known.

“He was at most athletic events that were outdoors,” he says. “When the mowers were running, Brian was usually on them.”

Morrison was found on a front lawn of a home on Bleecker Street, where police spent much of the morning and afternoon on Thursday.

“Where was he, who did he have an encounter with, did anyone see him,” says Captain Jim Lorenzoni of the Gloversville Police Department. “What were the activities during the preceding hours leading up to his death?”

According to the autopsy report, Morrison was stabbed in his jaw and upper neck, but a murder weapon has not yet been found.

Neighbors say violence in the area is a growing problem.

“I don't know where it's coming from, but it's here, and it shouldn't be here,” says Tammy Earley. “Gloversville and Johnstown are cities you should feel safe in.”

The superintendent of the Gloversville Enlarged School District says replacing Morrison is going to be tough, and the district sends its condolences to his family and children.

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