Raucci found guilty on all but 4 charges

SCHENECTADY, N.Y. — After hearing testimony from more than 60 people and considering 240-plus exhibits over the course of several weeks, jurors have found Steven Raucci guilty on 18 of the 22 counts against him.

Late Thursday morning, jurors handed down their verdict in the terrorism trial of the former Schenectady School District employee.

Raucci sat quiet and emotionless in Schenectady County Court as all 22 verdicts were returned.

Jury foreman Joe Mitchell spoke to the media shortly after they were read. He said during the first day of deliberations there was a lot of arguing and disagreement among the jury, but ultimately he feels they made the right decision.

Speaking on Raucci, Mitchell said, “He wanted all the power, and if he had powerful people on his side, that just added to his power. I do believe some of the things he did was just out of rage and some of the things he did for friends. But I don't doubt – I believe he did mostly everything we convicted him of.”

With 18 convictions against him, Raucci has earned himself more than 100 years behind bars.

CLICK HERE to see the full list of charges against Steven Raucci.

Jurors convicted him of arson for the 2001 bombing of a Rotterdam home, but found him not guilty of arson for a 1993 bombing in Glenville.

He was found not guilty of terrorism, the most serious charge against him. That stemmed from a 1996 incident, where he allegedly left a bomb on the windshield of a car in Clifton Park.

The convictions continued after that. Raucci was found guilty of vandalizing the Burnt Hills home of a former coworker, spray painting “rat” on the façade, and defacing two cars.

He was also found guilty of leaving a bomb at a Schodack home in 1997. Raucci was convicted of vandalizing that home as well, spray painting the word “cheater” on it.

Rounding out the convictions, Raucci was found guilty of having an explosive device in his Schenectady School District office.

Defense attorney Ron DeAngelus said he was disappointed in the result, but did all he could to prove reasonable doubt.

“I tried to get them to analyze the case element by element and come up with a verdict that we could accept,” he told reporters.

DeAngelus said it was Raucci's choice not to testify in his own defense. He added that Raucci was in ok spirits after the verdicts were read.

“We try to be positive, you know? This is not the end for Mr. Raucci. He has appeal rights and he is probably going to take that step.”

Schenectady County District Attorney Rob Carney called Raucci a “cancer” on the Schenectady School District and said that many people in that district will feel safer now that he is behind bars.

Mitchell added a decision was pretty much made when the jury left the court Wednesday night, but wanted to sleep on it before they made their final judgment.

Raucci will be sentenced on June 1.

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