NY educators protest Paterson’s cuts to school aid

ALBANY, N.Y. — Educators from all across New York State say they are standing together in rejecting Governor Paterson's cuts to education.

They snapped pencils, a symbolic gesture of what they are calling Paterson's “broken promise” with his proposed cut of $1.4 billion in state aid.

The Coalition of Education Groups held simultaneous news conferences calling on the state legislature to reject cuts to school aid, saying the reduced funding will lead to poorer quality of education and massive layoffs.

The Albany School District is bracing itself for a $20 million shortfall, which means a cut in 100 positions.

“As sad as it is, we will make it the best for students,” said Dr. Raymond Colucciello, Interim Albany Schools Superintendent. “So from that viewpoint, I am hopeful. I am hoping that some of these things will come to pass that the $6.7 million will be restored. So I have that eternal hope.”

The Albany School District will discuss the proposed layoffs during Thursday night's board meeting.

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