Massage parlors busted for prostitution

COLONIE, N.Y. – Police busted two Colonie massage parlors for offering undercover cops more than just a massage Tuesday. Five women now face prostitution-related charges.

One of the massage parlors was just busted for prostitution several months ago.

Anonymous tipsters reported seeing customers entering and leaving Jasmine Beauty and Massage on Central Avenue and Red Rose Massage Parlor on Loudon Road well after normal business hours, sometimes in the middle of the night.

Undercover officers posing as customers were offered sex acts by three women in exchange for more money.

Colonie Police Lt. Robert Winn explains, “In the middle of the massage, near the end of the massage, the massage therapists solicited the officers to pay extra money for sexual acts.”

Winn says the women did not mince words. “Happy ending is a common term that they use with their customers, and it's known to us as well,” he says.

Weijie Meng, Fengxian Tang, Aili Sheng, Jumei Song, and Yanyu Ni are all charged with performing unlicensed massages. Meng, Tang, and Sheng, are also charged with prostitution.

The women came to Colonie from New York City, responding to work ads placed by the owner in Chinese newspapers.

Customs agents are investigating their immigration status.

Winn says, “It seems that their English was better before they got arrested. After they got arrested their English was non-existent and we had to use translators. However, they had enough English, or they had enough body language to make those kinds of arrangements while the massage was going on.”

Police busted the Jasmine parlor for prostitution back in November. There they found business cards advertising the opening of the Red Rose.

“This one's unusual in the sense that even after we'd already made arrests, they went back to the same business and also opened up another one,” says Winn, adding, “It's almost a slap in our face.”

All five women are behind bars on $5,000 dollars bail and are due back in court Monday.

The owner, Kuen Ling Cheng, still has charges pending from the November bust. Cheng was not at either parlor during Tuesday's bust and is not facing additional charges.

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