Adrian Thomas receives maximum sentence

TROY, N.Y. — The Troy man found guilty of killing his four-month-old son now knows how long he will spend behind bars.

Adrian Thomas was slapped with the maximum sentence, 25-years to life, just weeks after he was convicted in the death of his infant son, Matthew.

Thomas stood up in court to proclaim, “I am innocent. I love my son, my family, and my wife.”

Regardless, Judge Andrew Ceresia went forth with the maximum sentence on Thursday.

“The court specifically notes that heinous nature of the crime that was committed and the fact that the crime was committed against an innocent and completely helpless baby,” Judge Ceresia said.

Baby Matthew’s mother, Wilehmina Hicks, offered a victim’s impact statement, saying she never thought she would bury a child.

Hicks directed her comments at Thomas, saying, “Matthew was only here for four months, because you didn’t care about his life. You put yourself before your own son.”

Thursday, the defense filed appeal papers hoping to overturn Thomas’ conviction. His lawyers insist a witness knowledgeable about false confessions should have been allowed to testify to dispute Thomas’ supposed videotaped confession. The witness never took the stand.

Thomas attorney Ingrid Effman argued police were wrong for “Questioning after a man who awake for 40 hours, who had threatened suicide, that (Thomas) was not in the frame of mind to waive any rights.”

Not only is thomas going to jail for a long time, but he will never have contact with any of his four children again as the judge allowed an order of protection for Hicks and her children for the next 98 years.

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