Skull fragments found in Saratoga County: Investigation continues

EDINBURG, N.Y. – Wednesday's rainy weather put a damper on the search for more bone fragments in the Town of Edinburg in northwest Saratoga County

Edinburg is also right near the Great Sacandaga Lake.

Police spent Tuesday and part of Monday at the site, finding what sources tell us is a skull missing its lower jaw and teeth, as well as bone fragments. By Wednesday, the only evidence of a police search was some yellow tape that blocked off a muddy trail just off Fox Hill Road.

The remains were taken to the New York State Police Crime Lab where DNA will be extracted from the fragments. The results expected between 4 to 6 weeks.

At this time, it is still unclear if the remains belong to that of a boy or girl. Sources close to the case tell us the bones look like skull fragments from a young child.

There had been some speculation that the remains could belong to missing 12-year-old Sara Anne Wood from Litchfield, New York, who went missing in 1993.

Speculation also pointed to the case of Jaliek Rainwalker, also 12-years-old. The Greenwich child disappeared almost exactly 2 years ago. His adoptive father Stephen Kerr is still a person of interest in the case.

Police say DNA taken from the bones will be compared to a DNA sample given by Rainwalker's biological mother to find out if there's a match. Sources say such a match, however, may be unlikely.

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