Flu vaccine shortage puts pressure on local parents


SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. — Local parents are getting kids vaccinated for H1N1 as fast as they can.

To protect her son Gregory and daughter Micaela from the seasonal flu, as well as the H1N1 virus, mom Stacy Cesta brought them to the final day of the Saratoga County Health Department's flu clinic.

She was lucky to get in.

Cesta tells NEWS10, “We were signed up for other Saratoga County clinics and they were cancelled. So, we came here. We had to make sure they get the vaccines.”

And she's not alone.

On Monday night, 180 people came to the health department for the FluMist version of the H1N1 vaccine, as well as seasonal flu shots.

National and local demand for the h1n1 vaccine is very high, and when the Saratoga County Health Department made the announcement about this particular clinic back on October 8th , they ran out of appointments within a couple of days.

Mom and local teacher Kelly Morgan told NEWS10 that she made an appointment for her two daughters Ella and Tess as fast as she could.

Morgan says, “I'm pretty confident that if I get it I can recover. But I'm not sure about these two.

When asked what the FluMist felt like, Morgan's daughter said simply, “It felt funny.”

At the end of this clinic, Saratoga County will run out of their 500 doses of FluMist sent to them by the federal government.

The State of New York is also running low on seasonal flu shots.

When we asked Terry Stortz, Director of Preventative Health Services for the Saratoga County Health Department, if there were any more fee appointments, she said, “No more space available.”

Her department will be giving out more information on future clinics as soon as they get the word from the state.

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