Adrian Thomas takes the stand at trial


TROY, N.Y. — The trial of Adrian Thomas took a bit of a surprising turn on Wednesday as Thomas, himself, was the very first defense witness called.

Thomas is the Troy man accused of angrily throwing his infant son, Matthew, down on a mattress numerous times last year which resulted in the baby's death.

During his testimony Wednesday, Thomas says it was Troy police detectives who first suggested he had hit the baby's head on a crib and thrown him on that mattress.

Thomas told jurors that he had slept less than an hour total in more than a day-and-a-half last September when his son died.

The prosecution rested its case Tuesday against Adrian Thomas, the Troy father accused of killing his four month old son.

The point of controversy in this case has been the exact cause of death of baby Matthew.  The prosecution says it was trauma from being slammed into a crib, while the defense maintains it was a bacterial infection called sepsis.

Tuesday, the prosecution's last witness, a pediatric doctor and professor from Rhode Island testified about both.  “In my opinion, it was trauma,” says Dr. Carol Jenny.  “Septic shock was a secondary condition.  Something hit the head and caused that bleeding and swelling to occur.”

The defense also filed a motion to dismiss the case, but it was denied.

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