Families decry possible closure of Albany County Nursing Home

ALBANY — The uncertain future of the Albany County Nursing Home is having the biggest impact on those families who depend on it.

Renee Barchitta's mother has lived at the facility for years, and Barchitta, herself, has fought fearlessly to keep it up and running. She tells NEWS10 the talk that County Executive Mike Breslin would close it has outraged those living there.

“They've been crying,” Barchitta says, “they say, ‘Where am I going? Where am I going to live? This is my home,' They believe this is their home.”

Breslin is in favor of home-based care. He says it will lessen the burden on taxpayers. Barchitta says home care is simply not enough for all patients 

“For people who have severe dementia, for people with mental health issues, there are so many people here lifted out of bed or chairs on Hoyers (a device for lifting patients),”

Barchitta's mother, Hannah, is one of those examples. She suffers with severe dementia and requires constant attention and care.

“Every resident is not a number. They're real people that you get to love,” Barchitta said.

“It could happen to anyone, anyone could use Albany County Nursing Home and no one realizes until they need it.”

Barchitta hopes the County realizes it, she says, before it's too late.

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