Voter fraud alleged in City of Troy


TROY — Dozens of Troy residents are screaming “voter fraud” and a special prosecutor has been named to investigate their complaints.

Thirty-four citizens claim that workers and officials of the Democratic and Working Families Parties duped them into signing applications for the Sept. 15th Working Families Party primary, even though they were not eligible.  

They say they never saw the absentee ballot until later when an investigator showed them forged signatures where they supposedly had voted.

Jessica Boomhower, a South Troy resident, says she was duped.

“They said they were trying to make it easier for the people of Troy to vote, but they were not; they were making it easier for them to steal votes,” she said.

Republican County Legislator Bobby Mirch calls the allegations of fraud “stunning,” but Democratic County Chairman Tom Wade tells News-Ten that “Mirch wrote the book on absentee ballot corruption.”

Mirch does not deny trying to control so-called “third parties” like the Working Families, but he says “I never broke the law.”

Attorney Trey Smith, who was chief assistant district attorney in the early nineties under Jim Canfield, has been appointed special prosecutor.

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