Albany County Executive calls for nursing home closure

By Diane Lee, Brooke Rakowski

ALBANY — The fate of 230 nursing home residents and more than 400 staff members at the Albany County Nursing Home is in question.

County Executive Michael Breslin presented his plan for long term care to the legislature Tuesday, a plan that would shut down the facility.

Instead the county would place residents in private nursing homes and provide supplements for “hard to place” people.

County money would also go toward in-home care.

“We are going to give them the opportunity to go to those other kind of facilities — and it will not cost the county the $80,000 per person,” said Breslin.

But family members of the residents at the facility say the county is failing the people who need the most help.

“I'm devastated, very, very heart broken,” said Connie Bathrick, who is not only an assistant nurse but has an uncle in the facility. 

“I've grown to love these people and that's why I've stayed there,” she said

Thos against closure also say it takes away some much needed care for disabled people who may have to be taken out of the county or state for treatment.

“We need a nursing home in Albany County. These people, we don't want them sent out of state. There's no place in the surrounding areas that will accept these people,” said Steve Layne.

Still Breslin says drastic action must be taken to save county taxpayers $18 million a year. He tells NEWS10 he will make every effort to keep patients close to their family members when and if the nursing home closes.

The County Legislature has yet to vote on the plan.

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