Man shot in Troy may not have been intended target

By Marie Luby

TROY — A street fight in Troy spins out of control, landing one man in the hospital with a gunshot wound to the head.

Police say the shooter may have been aiming at someone else. It happened early Sunday morning on Madison Avenue, across from the Griswold Heights housing project.

35-year-old Robert Guynup's next door neighbor, who did not want to be identified, was by his side the instant after he was shot.

“I was completely shocked,” she says.

She'd seen him moments before from her window, taking pictures of dozens of people fighting outside. She says he planned to share the photos with police. “He came out cause I guess he just had enough of it, what was going on.”

She feared for his safety, and headed outside to ask him to come in. “As we were walking out the door we heard a pop.” That pop was a gunshot, striking Guynup in the head.

When she came outside she saw Guynup lying in her driveway, bleeding from his head. A car parked in front of her house sped off, and the 50 or so people crowded in the street ran away.

She watched her friend mumbling, still conscious as they waited for an ambulance. “You could see he was going in and out,” she explains.

She says neighbors called police numerous times before the shooting happened, and feels “this could have been prevented.”

Guynup's three children are staying with a relative, praying for their father who's now in a medically induced coma. His family tells us part of Guynup's brain had to be removed during surgery.

His friend describes him as a devoted husband and father: “That man works constantly taking care of his family.”

She says they deserve justice. “When they get that coward, I hope they throw the book at him.”

Police say they have no description of a suspect, and plan to interview Guynup once he's well enough to speak with them.

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