Murder arrest made in deadly Schenectady fire

An arrest has been in the deadly Schenectady fire that killed a little girl. 10-year-old Avion Bell died from smoke inhalation after the June 13th fire at her Congress Street apartment house.

Police said from the beginning they believed the fire was arson and now they have arrested 25-year-old Sarah Moore and charged her with murder.

Back on June 13th, the fire ripped through the apartment as firefighters battled heavy smoke and flames in the tight space. As they fought the flames, 10 year-old Avion lay helplessly, sleeping inside; an unnecessary, unintended victim of arson.

Schenectady County District Attorney Bob Carney spoke of Moore, “She was in fact aware of the child being there, but she didn't intend we believe to purposely kill the child, but of course that's what happened.”

Moore apparently had an argument with Avion's mother, Tamira Bell, a short time before the fire started.

“Ms. Moore was with other people, including Avion's mother, earlier in the evening,” Schenectady Police Captain Pete Frisoni, “she was apparently angry about some disagreement that there was.”

So in retaliation, Moore went to the home and, as police say, intentionally ignited the fire that killed little Avion. Moore now faces first-degree arson and second-degree murder charges.

NEWS10 had also been told Avion had been left alone that night. Tamira Bell, according to neighbors, was nowhere to be found. Because of her absence, Tamira Bell now faces child endangerment charges.

“The child, Avion, was left alone in her bedroom, no responsible adult there at all,” Carney said.

If convicted, Moore faces 25-years-to-life in prison. She remains in the Schenectady County Jail without bail.

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