1969 murder: new details

NEWS10's Anya Tucker reports

Just day's after breaking – more details are slowing coming out surrounding a 40-year-old murder mystery.

62-year-old Nelson Costello is accused of killing David Bacon of Schaghticoke back in 1969.

The new information comes from police in Arizona, where Costello lived prior to being arrested in Cohoes last week.

They say that New York State Police and SWAT teams raided Costello's home in Prescott just before his arrest.

According to authorities, Costello was well aware police were closing in on him and that detectives from New York had interviewed him back in October.

NEWS10 also spoke with Costello's former neighbor, Charles Vismeg, who said the 62-year-old moved from Florida to his well-appointed Prescott home this past spring.

This was around the same time local police say an intimate former friend of Costello's told them about the alleged murder.

By phone, Vismeg talked about the day police swarmed Costello's house, hoping to make an arrest.

“And there was several police vehicles and SWAT team (unintelligible) and the SWAT team member said, ‘well we wanted to talk to the person inside the house,' and so ‘Mr. Costello?' ‘yeah,' and he asks me, ‘do you know him?'

It is shocking, yes. I feel sorry for the guy, he seemed like a nice person,” Vismeg told NEWS10.

Costello was actually in New York during the raid. He was arrested a short time later.

Police sources say that they believe Costello shot David Bacon back in 1969 over a woman.

So far police have not found a body.

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