Tainted peanut butter recall hits products of local stores

A Stewart's Shops ice cream flavor has been pulled because of a possible connection to the salmonella scare involving peanuts.

The flavor in question is Stewart's Caramel Candy Bar ice cream. This flavor was not sold in gallon containers and was only served in cones and dishes as a ''dip flavor''.

The company says a vendor believes an ingredient in the ice cream has the potential to be contaminated.

The recall is linked to the problems at a Georgia plant that date back to 2007.

Stewart's says so far, no illnesses have been reported.

Price Chopper Supermarkets are also recalling some of their store brand products.

The grocery chain is recalling its store brand sundae cones and line of Full Circle snack mixes.

If you think you have either of these products, you can return them for a full refund.

While more products continue to be recalled, stores are coming up with new ways to warn customers not to eat tainted products. Supermarkets are beginning to use their discount-card programs to notify people of recalls. Some stores already using the cards are Price Chopper and Costco.

The system tracks customers' buying habits, then contacts them by phone warning them they purchased a recalled product.

Price chopper has been using the program for about two years.

The salmonella outbreak caused by tainted peanut butter continues to make waves nationwide and has forced one of the largest food recalls in U.S. history.

To view a list of recalled goods, CLICK HERE.

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