Brooke Bennett’s Dad and Stepmom Speak to the Media for the First Time

The father and stepmother of Brooke Bennett say the grieving process has only just begun. The 12-year-old girl's body was found two weeks ago near her uncle's home. She had been missing for a week.

In their first television interview last night, Jim and Janet Bennett told a New England TV station that returning to daily life has been a struggle.

Bennett's father said he never thought his daughter was in any danger, even though he knew her uncle, Michael Jacques, now charged with her kidnapping, is a convicted sex offender.

“I knew some of his background,” Jim Bennett said, “And I brought it up with Brooke's mother,”

“As soon as he found out,” Janet Bennett added, “he called her and told her about it,”

Jim Bennett also told the interviewer, “There was never any indication there was a problem. I wasn't aware [Brooke] was alone with [Jacques] at any time,”

Brooke Bennett's former stepfather, Ray Gagnon, also faces charges in this case. Police say he destroyed evidence in connection with the girl's disappearance. Yesterday, a grand jury also indicted him on child pornography charges.

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