The Case of Jaliek Rainwalker Takes Some More Unusual Turns

The case of missing 12-year-old Jaliek Rainwalker has taken another unusual turn as his adoptive grandmother now faces a burglary charge in Greenwich.

Barbara Reely turned herself into Washington County authorities yesterday.

She is accused of breaking into the now-vacant home of her daughter Jocelyn McDonald, and son-in-law Steven Kerr, the missing boy's adoptive parents.

Police have named Kerr a person of interest in Rainwalker's disappearance. Police say Reeley may have broken into the home to look for any clues in the case.

Kerr has long said Rainwalker ran away last November.

“She (Reeley) has never been arrested in her life. I don't think anyone believes she had any ill intent, so I think he appropriately used his discretion and released her on her own recognizance,” Reeley's attorney, Greg Cholakis, said to the media.

In another twist, NEWS10 has learned state police once again searched the Kerr's former rural home on Raven Way yesterday.

Sources tell us that Reeley spotted a yellow fleece, resembling the one Kerr said Rainwalker was wearing the night he disappeared. No word if police found any such item.

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