Developing News: Price Chopper to Expand, Brining 1,500 New Jobs

We continue to follow a developing story, involving a major expansion for a local supermarket chain. Price Chopper says it will be adding thousands of new jobs and new buildings. And as NEWS10's Demetra Ganias reports, many of those new jobs will be in our area.

Neil Golub, the President and CEO of the Golub Corporation, says growing Price Chopper is good for growing the local economy.

“Growth happens when you build new stores, when you expand stores, when you remodel or when you acquire new stores – and we're out in the market to do eery single one of them,” Golub says.

The biggest boost to the Capital Region and beyond: the promise of six-thousand new jobs to the family-owned business over the next five years, as the company grows some 30 different locations.

“This year, we're building four new stores, we're going through three major expansions and two major replacements, which is really a load,” says Golub.

Golub says the company will expand its perishable and grocery warehouse, and construct a new 40-thousand square-food resource recovery center – that, added to its current list of 116 stores in six states.

Price Chopper also tells us 20 to 25-percent of the new jobs will be right here in the Capital Region. We will of course continue to follow this big developing story and bring you the very latest on NEWS10 and

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