Five Years Missing: Friends & Family Remember Audrey May Herron

She has not been seen for five years, but that is not keeping friends and family from remembering Audrey May Herron.

Herron was 31-years-old when she disappeared after leaving a Catskill health care facility where she was a nurse. And although the worst is expected, NEWS10's Latricia Thomas found out friends and family still hope for a break in the case.

Five years worth of unanswered questions.

“It seems like a thousand years, it just goes on with no hope,” Audrey's father, Ray Turk says.

Ray Turk knows all too well, the moment when everything changes.

“When it happened, I said I'll never see her again,” says Turk. “But I keep praying I do, but I don't believe it's ever going to happen.”

From what investigators have pieced together to this point, the parking lot at the Long Term Health Care Facility in Catskill – where Audrey worked – was the last place anyone ever saw her. Police say she got off of her shift at 11pm, talked to some co-workers, and has not been seen since.

“She never made it, her and her car disappeared – and as of today, they can't locate the car or her,” Audrey's father says. “We can't go past a black Jeep Cherokee without looking at it quick to double-check.”

And Audrey's case is far from forgotten by State Police.

“This case has taken us physically to Canada to Missouri, several other locations – I mean the leads have taken us all over the country,” says State Police Senior Investigator Scott Youngblood.

They are leads that have proven fruitless; unable to bring some kind of conclusion to Audrey's family and friends.

“Not that it would end the nightmare, but you need to know – I can't explain what that feeling is, of not knowing,” Audrey's friend, Marie Parker says.

“You don't want to give up, I'll never give up as long as I'm here,” says Audrey's father.

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