State Police Looking to End Years of a Parent’s Nightmare

A cold case could be heating up, after more than a dozen new tips pour into State Police in the decades-old disappearance of Karen Wilson!

When Karen's parents came back to Albany last week from their current home in Utah – 22 years after the UAlbany student's disappearance – they were hoping for new leads in their daughter's case. Now, State Police tell NEWS10 the calls came in – more than a dozen of them.

NEWS10's Latricia Thomas has more on the new hope in this decades-old disappearance.

“We know that someone knows what happened to Karen,” Karen's mom, Jennie Wilson said at last Thursday's press conference.

State Police say as soon as Karen's parents made that plea, the phone started ringing.

“We were very fortunate to receive over a dozen telephone calls with new leads in the case,” says Captain William Sprague, with the New York State Police BCI division. “We don't know how productive they are going to be yet, but we are pursuing them and following through with them.”

Investigators are already conducting interviews on the 16 calls rolling in over the last four days, hoping for any kind of break, 22 years later.

“We were hoping to generate some renewed interest in it, and we were quite surprised,” Captain Sprague says.

Through years of exhausting what few leads surfaced, investigators never stopped re-visiting the case of the UAlbany senior who simply vanished from Central Avenue in Colonie in 1985. Just a few years ago, they collected a DNA sample from Karen's mom, in case forensic evidence ever turned up.

“One of the things we don't have in this case is a crime scene that could give us the multitude of forensic information that we use in such investigations,” says Captain Sprague. “We don't have an eyewitness who's telling us they saw what happened – these are important things that we're trying to find.”

With so little to go on, any new information is a new avenue to pursue – police say anything to offer some kind of ending to years of a parent's nightmare.

“They did nothing to deserve the tragedy that has befallen their family, as most other victims of similar circumstances – and it's important to us to try to find the answers for these people,” Captain Sprague says.

State Police are still looking for your help. If you know anything about the disappearance of Karen Wilson, please let State Police know – the number is: (518) 783-3211.

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