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E-businesses beware… Today new york state attorney general andrew cuomo announced tougher laws for online purchases….

The new measure… Which the governor signed just hours ago… Will provide online buyers the same protections that mail and telephone buyers already receive.

News ten's latricia thomas explains how you will be affected the next time you click… Add to cart.

Last year… New york state's attorney general's office received more than one thousand complaints about on-line purchases… But current law… Left the a-g powerless…

{cuomo 12:12:17 “consumers were not protected under current law on internet sales or email sales, the law applied in phone order sales or mail order sales, but not on the internet”}

the new law.. Just awaiting the governor's signature… Prohibits e-businesses from accepting an order for items that can't be shipped within thirty-days… Also providing the consumer more info about the company… They're buying from…

{cuomo 12:14:11 “we are putting businesses on notice today the internet is no longer the wild west of commerce”}

but it's not just the buyer who consumer advocates say will benefit from stronger protections… Stricter laws.. .they say.. Will translate into buyer confidence…

{russ haven/nypirg 12:21:46 “it will give consumers more information and more confidence when they shop online and that's also going to be good for e-tailers as more people gain confidence in the internet”}

and if thirty days go buy… With no shipment… The company would be required to offer a full refund…. Or the opportunity to cancel the order…

{silver 12:18:12 “business is business whether the seller is jc penny or a mail order business or a business selling collectibles on ebay”}

latricia thomas news ten.

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