Interrogating Christopher Porco: Police Tape Released

It is the video the jury never got to see. For the first time, we get a look at the police interrogation of convicted ax killer Christopher Porco.

Porco will be sentenced Tuesday for the brutal ax murder of his father, Peter, and attempted murder of his mother, Joan.

Monday morning, Judge Jeffrey Berry ruled on several motions, including the defense's attempt to have the verdict set aside. That motion was denied.

Judge Berry also ruled that Peter Porco's sister, Patty Szostak, will be allowed to give a victim impact statement, despite attempts by the defense to stop her.

Joan Porco is expected to give a statement to the court as well. She has stood by her son, proclaiming his innocence, and says she has no memory of the attack.

Judge Berry also released the six-hour videotape of police interrogating Christopher. He ruled before the trial began that Bethlehem Police violated Christopher's rights during the interview, the night his parents were bludgeoned with an ax.

But Detective Chris Bowdish claimed he read Porco his rights.

Defense attorneys say while Porco was waiving his right to a lawyer, family friend and attorney John Polster was trying to reach Porco, but was not allowed inside.

The detectives told Porco this was his one chance to come clean, and that his mother indicated with head nods and hand gestures that Christopher was her attacker.

“I told you that she couldn't verbalize, but she can indicate, alright?,” Detective Bowdish told Christopher. “And I'm telling you it was, it was for sure.”

When Porco asked to see his mother, the detectives were clear they thought he was guilty, telling him they believed he tried to kill his mother, and would try to do so again.

The conversation grew more heated when Detective Charles Rudolph told Porco he was not showing any compassion or remorse.

“I don't care, because right now you are cold…you're as (explicative) cold as can be,” Detective Rudolph told him.

“I am not,” Christopher replied.

“You are cold, no emotion,” said Detective Rudolph. “You really don't care your father is dead.”

When detectives tried convincing Porco to take a lie detector test, to exonerate him of any crime, Porco refused, saying he wanted to talk to a lawyer first.

“I've given everything you've asked for,” Christopher said. “I'm not trying to hide anything from you, but I think that I'm entitled…I know I'm entitled to speak with someone.”

The detectives also told Porco they heard he had been drinking, something that would weigh in his favor if it contributed to him losing his temper and doing something.

For the complete 792-page transcript of the six-hour taped interview between Bethlehem Police and Christopher Porco, click here.

Porco faces a maximum of 50-years-to-life in prison, when he is sentenced Tuesday.

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