Threat of Dirty Bombs Aimed Against NFL Stadiums

A warning is issued to the NFL about a potential terror threat involving games being played this weekend. CNN and Sports Illustrated are reporting this story.

The Department of Homeland Security alerted the NFL and several football teams and stadiums about a warning posted on an Islamic website on October 12th.

That warning indicating football games in seven U.S. cities this Sunday are being targeted for a terror attack involving a radiological dirty bomb.

Those seven cities include New York, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Cleveland, Oakland, and Seattle.

Homeland Security says it does not have reason to believe the threat is credible, and says it alerted the involved teams and stadiums out of what it calls an “abundance of caution.”

Homeland Security urges fans to continue with plans to attend those games this weekend.

The FBI is also expressing doubt about the credibility of the threat. However, CNN is reporting some stadiums are already planning stepped up security for games this Sunday.

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