New Exclusive Details in Crash Involving Sch’dy Cop

New details continue to emerge this morning into the investigation of a bizarre crash on the Northway, that has put the spotlight on a Schenectady cop for all the wrong reasons. It is a story NEWS10 broke.

Sitting in an impound lot not far from the crash site, still caked with mud and grass, a green Mitsubishi Mirage was the first clue for Colonie Police in what they are calling a very complicated investigation.

Colonie Police say the Mitsubishi Mirage, carrying an off-duty Schenectady Police officer and another occupant, ran off the Northway Saturday morning near the Watervilet-Shaker Road exit.

NEWS10 has since learned, from several sources, the off-duty officer is Darren Lawrence. Also in the car, Mark Viscusi, whose sister is named in the crashed car's registration. Police do not believe she was present at the time of the accident.

Viscusi's father exclusively tells NEWS10's Latricia Thomas that Mark suffered a broken back and other injuries from the crash, and that his son is seeking an attorney.

Sources say, after the crash, the two men fought over whether to contact police. Viscusi later walked to a nearby home to call authorities. When they came, police say he was unable to tell them where the car was located.

Colonie Police Chief Steve Heider tells us that while they believe alcohol is involved, exactly who was driving and who initiated the assault, is still unclear.

Schenectady Police are not commenting on the investigation, saying they are leaving it up to Colonie Police; but do say if one of their officers, in general, is involved in any suspicious incident, they will follow up with an internal investigation.

NEWS10 will continue to follow this investigation and bring you the latest information.

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