Compassion on the cutting edge

Compassion on the Cutting edge

While equipment, research and experience are important components of providing cancer care, New York Oncology Hematology also places a priority on one other equally important element – compassion. “We treat each patient as an individual, realizing that you can have 10 people with the same disease and it can affect each person differently,” says Nancy Izzo, Practice Administrator. “We work to care for each person in every unique aspect of their disease.”

That's why it's routine for nurses to spend extra time doing everything from supporting family members to accomodating special, non-medical needs. Recognizing an iincreasing need for patient and fmaily support services, both financially and emotionally, the physicians and staff of New York Oncology Hematology founded the Capital District Cancer Resource Foundation. They donate their time and talent to help patients with the activities of daily life during treatments. This support helps reduce the stress of maintaining daily routines during treatment and contributes to maintaining dignity and quality of life. The proceeds are used to help patients take care of the unexpected extras such as grocery money, cab fare to reach treatment or other important but often-overlooked needs. “In most cases, the patients don't ask for help,” Izzo says. “It's the nurses who spend so much time with them who hear about their needs and want to find a way to help.” Information on the Foundation can be obtained from New York Oncology's web page:

New York Oncology Hematology also assists patients in finding financial assistance, and facilitates support groups for patients as well as family members. “Cancer can be so isolating, both for the patient and for their loved ones, that we really play the role of an extra line of support,” says Izzo. “It takes a special type of person to be in this field, so all of us from our front office staff to our nurses and doctors are here because we truly care about everyone who comes in our door.”

Combining that kind of compassion with the cutting – edge treatment is what cancer care is all about – and it's what New York Oncology Hematology does every day, with every patient.

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