Guilty Verdicts in the Terror Trial of Two Albany Men

After deliberating for four days, the jury in the trial of two local men accused of aiding terrorism made their decision late Tuesday afternoon. And, for the most part, it was guilty across the board.

Mohammed Hossain was convicted on all 27 counts against him, including conspiracy and laundering money from the sale of a surface-to-air missile.

Meanwhile, jurors convicted Yassin Aref on 10 of the 30 counts against him, including conspiracy and money laundering, as well as lying to the police. He was acquitted, however, of having a link to the Islamist Movement in Kurdistan.

The verdict may be in, but NEWS10 legal analyst Arnold Proskin says this probably will not be the last we hear of this case.

“I think there's defiantly going to be an appeal,” Proskin says. “I think it will be based on the entrapment defense – 'wait a minute, if it wasn't for this informant telling them to do this' kind of thing.”

Sentencing for the two men is scheduled for February 12th.

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