City Leaders Meet after Employee is Busted for Sleaze

The job of the Troy City Auditor hangs in the balance, all because of what was found on his computer.

It is so shocking, it had members of the City Council working late into the evening Monday, trying to figure out what to do.

Tremendous amounts of explicit pornographic material – that is what sources tell NEWS10 was found on the work computer of Troy City Auditor Charles Drozd.

Monday night, all nine members of the City Council sat in executive session for two and a half hours, then walked out in silence.

Council President Henry Bauer could only say this:

“No comment. We can't say anything, it's a personnel matter. We can't confirm anything.”

Sources close to the investigation tell NEWS10 the meeting comes out of concern – concern for the amount of inappropriate material on the computer; deeper concern because it would appear Drozd visited those websites during business hours while he was supposed to be working.

And that is not all; NEWS10 has learned this is not the first time Drozd has been warned about improper use of the city's computer. He was also reprimanded a couple of years ago for a similar incident.

Now, the discovery of multiple web searches and website visits to explicit, pornographic websites – so many, sources tell us the computer was confiscated and turned over to police.

Again, it is important to note that nothing Mr. Drozd is accused of is criminal – there will be no charges against him.

The concern comes because the content was found on the computer he uses at his workplace, and that workplace happens to be Troy City Hall.

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